Efficient management for pre-production of a short-film or film




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Celtx is a fundamental tool for audio-visual professionals that allows them to administer in an efficient way all the resources that take part in projects such as films, short-films or advertisements.

With Celtx you can prepare the time plan for your audiovisual project. It has a calendar application where you can write the important dates for the development of the project.

It also enables you to write the script through a complete text editor; to describe the scenes and the characters, their parts in the play, their outfits and make-up, or defining the places where the film will take place, etc.

Another interesting characteristic of this application is the possibility to add multimedia files (like images, music and videos) to the different categories that will guide you when you want to record the different scenes.

Celtx is a free tool, so you won´t have to pay to use it!
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